Does Your Gym Need Digital Marketing?

Does Your Gym Need Digital Marketing?

The fitness and leisure sectors are hugely competitive, and not just when it comes to a sporting competition. As a gym owner, you may already have experienced business competition as you seek to acquire new members, and to help achieve that, the advice and SEO tools from marketing professionals at is, that if you want to truly compete, you need to have an effective digital marketing campaign in place.

Given that the internet is huge, and that there are multiple ways you can market online it is understandable that many gym owners neither see how digital marketing can help them nor know where to start. The second part of that is relatively easy, and that is to contact a digital marketing agency like SEO Melbourne that can plan and implement your campaign for you, whilst you continue doing what you enjoy, which is managing your gym

Before you do that, you will obviously want to know some of the specific ways in which digital marketing can enhance your gym and so here are five of the top reasons why your gym will benefit from digital marketing.

It Will Put You In Front Of Your Target Audience

One of the biggest marketing mistakes gym owners, or indeed any business owner makes, is that they do not target their marketing towards the correct audience. They often use a scattergun approach that means resources are wasted on targeting those who are not in the slightest bit interested in joining a gym.

Digital marketing done properly can find your target audience with pinpoint accuracy and thus not only is the campaign making the most of its resources such as time and money, but it is also more successful as the marketing messages are being seen by those who are genuine prospects.

How To Ensure Your Furniture Is Protected When Moving A Long Distance

How To Ensure Your Furniture Is Protected When Moving A Long Distance

Whilst the vast majority of house moves that Perth removalists undertake are considered local, with people moving within the same city or same state, they will occasionally have clients who are moving much further distances. These will be home moves that are to another state, and often that can mean a distance between the respective homes of over 2,000 miles, as is the case for someone moving from Perth to Melbourne.

Almost all removalists will have experience with these types of long-distance moves and will be able to facilitate them as one of the services that they offer. However, most homeowners are not in the habit of moving thousands of miles between homes, and so it can often be a time of increased stress and worry. What many of those worries will be about is how to safely move their furniture, including furniture that is worth a considerable amount, over such a large distance.

If you follow the advice of your removalists, then not only will your furniture be perfectly safe during the move, but everything else that you are taking with you will be as well. You might choose to use your removalists not only to supply you with all the packing materials you require but also to wrap and pack everything too. However, if you are using them purely for the transportation of your belongings, then here are some tips on ensuring your furniture all arrives safely.

Causes of Stutters

The Most Common Causes of Stutters, and What to do Next

Children as young as two years old can find themselves with an inability to speak smoothly and engage in fluent conversations. While no two-year-old has a full grasp on the English language, it can often be obvious, even at that age, that speech pathology from Speech Pathologists Perth, may be a requirement for those who have a particularly challenging time with it.

A speech pathologist can be quick to pick up on signs that you’ve been seeing in your own child – or that teachers and family members have. The repetition of sounds, sentences, and words, prolonged word pronunciation, and tense facial muscles during conversations can all be signs of stuttering and the need for speech pathology experts to step in.

How Do I Know If My Child Has a Stutter?

Problems with speech flow tend to be one of the more common signs of stuttering. Sentences may start fluid but may end in repetition. Or, your child may repeat sounds while forming words, such as, “W… wh… w… what”.  Stressful social situations can see these symptoms amplified.

What Causes Stuttering?

Even the most advanced speech pathology expert won’t be able to tell you why your child has a stutter. There is no single cause, but many things may contribute. A family history, speech motor control complications, medical conditions and brain injuries, emotional and mental health conditions, and intellectual disabilities can play a part.

Laser Eye Surgery

What Are the Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery?

In general, eye laser surgery is a very successful procedure used to correct a range of vision problems. For many people, it presents a great option for improving longsighted, shortsighted and astigmatism.

But, like any procedure, laser eye surgery has its risks. There are a range of possible side effects that you should be aware of before committing to it, especially if you already have underlying eye conditions.

Note that you should always speak with your surgeon about the possible side effects of your specific surgery. In this article we’ve explored some common problems that can occur, but everyone is different. As always, the following is meant for informational purposes only.

The possible side effects of laser eye surgery include:

Vision Problems

In rare cases, laser eye surgery can actually result in a range of long-term vision problems. Things like increased glare, halos and double vision can occur, especially at night or when around bright lights.

Similarly, you might find that you’re suffering from reduced vision in poor light conditions. This can make it difficult to drive at night or in foggy/misty conditions.

The good news is that these problems usually disappear within a few days or weeks. If they don’t you definitely need to speak with your surgeon at a follow-up appointment.

Family Fit and Healthy

Keep Your Family Fit and Healthy with These Helpful Tips

Every parent aspires to have a healthy family. They want their kids to be eating well – and leading by example – and they want to ensure that everyone is the picture of perfect health. It might seem straightforward to achieve these goals, but busy lifestyles can mean the core principles of healthy living fall by the wayside.

If the time has come to slow down, see more of life, and focus on a strong family unit, then read on. Here are some helpful tips for how to achieve health and wellbeing in your family.

Place Importance on Health Checks

Most health experts, including physicians and dentist specialists recommend that you visit them at least once per year. While you might only see a dentist or doctor now when someone feels unwell, they are a preventative measure as well. An annual check for everyone in your family can ensure you’re all on the right track to 100 percent health.

A doctor and dentist can also identify potential future problems, as well as offer advice for how to manage aspects of your health, such as eating well, exercising, and sleeping better.

Enjoy a Balanced Diet

Most Australian families will admit to the occasional takeaway meal for convenience or even microwave meals. While you might have a hectic schedule, eating well is imperative for everyone’s health. Too much fat, salt, and sugar can lead to a myriad of different health conditions in the future, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

An alarming number of Australians are not happy with their teeth, with many saying they wished they were a shade or two whiter. Once you get it into your head that you want whiter teeth, you may start looking online at ways you can whiten them without going to the dentist.

With the expert help from Bali Health Care, we found out that unfortunately, the internet is full of mistruths, with many different whitening methods online no more than myths. Below, we debunk many of the more common teeth whitening treatment methods that you may have considered trying. The most effective is always going to be in-house whitening treatment with your local and experienced dentist.

Baking Soda Whitens Your Teeth

The only thing baking soda will do to your teeth is disrupt your good-to-bad bacteria ratio. It is not an effective teeth whitening method. It is, however, perfect for homemade cleaning products!

Whitening Gum and Toothpaste is as Effective as In-House Whitening

Many whitening tubes of toothpaste and chewing gums have whitening chemicals in them but at low doses. You may see minor changes over time in your teeth, but nowhere near what in-house whitening treatment with your dentist can achieve. What’s more, whitening chemicals need at least 20 minutes on your teeth to be effective.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide as a Mouth Rinse Whitens Your Teeth

It doesn’t. Hydrogen peroxide causes a free radical reaction when it comes into contact with your gum tissue. You should, under no circumstances, use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse to whiten your teeth.


Wisdom Teeth

What to do About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you start to feel discomfort in the back of your mouth around the age of 17 to 25, then pay attention. It’s highly likely that your wisdom teeth are growing through, and it could be time for a trip to the dentist. While some people have no problems at all with their wisdom teeth, others don’t have such luck.

Perth Dentists advise that most people only have room for up to 28 teeth. However, your third molars, or wisdom teeth, are a late arrival, trying to force their way through your gumline to join the others. Sometimes, they’ll come through with no hassles, and other times; your other teeth don’t want them to arrive at the party. When that happens, your wisdom teeth may become impacted.

What is an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

A lack of space can cause your wisdom tooth to become impacted. When a tooth is impacted, it doesn’t come through correctly, doesn’t align properly, or even tries to grow in sideways. Often, they can be caught between your jawbone and gum tissue, causing all kinds of problems.

How Do I Know My Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted?

The most obvious way to know your wisdom teeth are having a few problems growing through properly is the pain you experience. As soon as you notice any discomfort, see your dentist. Swelling, pain and infection are not uncommon in this instance. If you don’t act quickly, your wisdom teeth can be hard to remove, damage your jawbone, and even permanently damage your other teeth as well.


Jewellery and its Health Benefits

When most people enter a jewellery store, they do so with the intention of buying something lovely – either for themselves or someone they love like engagement rings or wedding rings. But, did you know that buying gold or silver jewellery could also have some health benefits? Keep reading to find out what your beautiful accessories could be doing for you.


Gold, as a precious metal, has significant ornamental value. However, it’s also a material that people have been using for hundreds of years for various ailments. It has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that could help you to feel and look at your best.

Gold is often a preference for stents and pacemaker wires, as well as implants – all because of its antibacterial properties. Even as science becomes more advanced, there is also evidence to suggest tiny gold particles are present in cancer and HIV treatment methods, as well as to reduce joint inflammation and pain in rheumatoid arthritis.

While not all evidence for the benefits of gold has gone through stringent peer review processes, there is no harm in visiting a jewellery store and seeing what beautiful gold jewellery pieces are available. You never know, it may also have the health benefit of putting a smile on your face.

Dermal Fillers

Always Follow These Rules for Dermal Fillers

The market is full of dermal fillers such as Botox injections, but it can be a challenge to know what to look out for, and what’s going to be the best option for you. While there’s no denying that dermal fillers can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence, there are products that are safer than others or do a better job. Here are a few essential rules to follow when looking for dermal fillers.

FDA-Approval and Safety

One of the most important things to consider if you’re in the market for dermal fillers is that the one you choose has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration and is safe for use. Unfortunately, not every country has the same rigorous standards, which means you have to be your own judge when looking for dermal fillers. Botox injections are FDA-approved and are safe for both cosmetic and medical use.

Expert Use

Aside from the quality of the dermal filler itself, the person carrying out the procedure should also be familiar with and an expert with Botox injections. Cosmetic surgeons, specialists, beauty technicians, and dermatologists are all potential options. Before you get Botox injections, don’t feel embarrassed about asking for proof of certification – especially if you don’t feel confident.

Side Effects and Symptoms

The side effects and symptoms of dermal fillers, such as Botox injections, can vary from one type to the next. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a dermal filler that’s not only safe but has minimal side effects. Botox injections could be the best option for you. Some people experience slight redness and bruising on the needle site for a few hours, and maybe a headache, but that is generally the extent of it.

Organic Skin Care Products

Why Choose Organic Skin Care Products?

For a number of years, organic skin care products from companies like have been growing in popularity. People are slowly starting to realise that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth. And, with so many harsh chemicals and ingredients found in even the most well-known skin products, those who care about their skin are beginning to see the value in organic skin care products. If you’re not yet convinced that organic is the right path for you, then this following information may help.

Less Irritating For Your Skin

Do you find that your skin breaks out in itchy, uncomfortable welts and red splotches after applying makeup or moisturiser or lotion from certain brands? Take a look at the ingredient list. The products you are using may feature a whole host of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. No wonder your skin is irritated!

If you’re prone to allergies and skin irritation, then consider organic skin care products. They feature pure, natural ingredients that are less likely to cause flare-ups.

Better for the Environment

Many people have been making the transition from plastic straws to stainless steel, plastic bags to paper, and cardboard cups to reusable ones. It’s clear to see we care about the environment, or are at least starting to. What about manufacturing processes?

Group Fitness

Why Group Fitness Could Be Beneficial For You

Do you struggle with motivation, the “get up and go” factor, and getting fit? Then, it might be time to enrol in group fitness. While exercising alone is fine for some people who consider themselves to be self-starters, it’s not suitable for those who find it easy to come up with an exercise. A slight headache, a busy work schedule, and not enough time are all excuses people throw around on a regular basis. Those excuses, however, are not helping you to shed the kilos.

If you’re tired of lacking motivation or drive to succeed, then group fitness could be beneficial for you. Here’s how.

It’s an Appointment

If you never miss an appointment, then make sure your exercise is an appointment too. If you join a group fitness class that runs at a set time on a specific day, then you have to be there. You’re signed up, you’re engaged, and people are expecting your attendance. You have to keep your appointment. Joining a group fitness class means that unless you’re on your death bed, your new fitness family will want you to be there with them.

You Can Make New Friends

Making friends as an adult is hard, with it only being made more comfortable if you have a job or have children in school. Joining an exercise group or enroling in a group fitness class can be a game changer. You now get to spend time with like-minded people with similar goals, getting to know them on neutral ground. You never know, getting fit could open the doors to new, blossoming friendships that last a lifetime.

Long Haul Flights

How to Handle Long-Haul Flights

If you’ve been dreaming about white sandy beaches and your perfect villa in Bali, then it might be time to book those airline tickets and get packing. However, if there’s one thing that’s bound to evoke a few nerves in any traveller, it’s those long-haul flights. Not to worry, we’ve included a few fail-safe tips to help you handle that long-haul flight with ease.


While most airlines provide in-flight meals and snacks, there’s every possibility you’ll work up a hunger before that much-anticipated meal trolley makes its rounds. Therefore, carrying a few treats in your carry-on luggage could be the key to curbing those hunger pangs. Opt for packaged goods such as chips, biscuits, nuts, energy mixes and muesli bars that store easily and aren’t perishable. What’s more, taking snacks with you can save a significant amount of money if you find you have long waits between flights or you come up against delays and cancellations.

Travel Cushions

While staying in Bali villas is bound to be a luxurious and comfortable experience, sitting in an airline seat for hours on end may not be. Therefore, there’s no harm in carrying a travel cushion onboard to help you get as comfortable as possible. These cushions are typically made of a soft sponge or memory foam, and you can secure them around your neck. They are comfortable to sleep with and help to relieve neck pain that long-haul flights can often conjure.

Bad Hair Day

5 Ways to Hide a Bad Hair Day

We all wake up at some point during the week with hair that just can’t be tamed. No matter how many times you brush it or try to make it sit a certain way, you may find that it just doesn’t want to play the game for whatever reason. If time is of the essence and you need a quick fix for unruly hair, consider any of these handy beauty tips below.

  1. Plaits and Braids

Plaiting or braiding your hair is a sure-fire way of hiding and tidying unruly hair. Whether it’s frizzy, greasy, wilder than a lion’s mane or just won’t behave, you can tame the beast by putting it into a single braid, or plaits.

Braids and plaits are easy to do, work better with hair that’s a little bit greasy or gritty, and can hide many imperfections. What’s more, braids and plaits are on-trend. Your bad hair day has all of a sudden become a fashion statement.

  1. Messy Bun

If you don’t have an hour spare to straighten your hair, or it won’t sit nicely flat, or in a ponytail, then putting it into a messy bun could be the next best thing. A messy bun is what it says it is, messy, but it also looks stunning dressed up or down.

You can try out different earrings to go with it, or you can add scrunchy hair ties or flowers to accentuate the summery feel it offers. Your hair may not have conformed to a standard hairstyle, but even the unruliest of strands will look gorgeous in a messy bun.

Makeup Mistakes

Stop Making These Makeup Mistakes

No one becomes a makeup expert overnight, and there will be times when your makeup is not quite perfect. After all, we all start somewhere, right? However, it’s helpful to be aware of the “what not to dos” to help you perfect your makeup regime once and for all. Here are just five of the many makeup mistakes people make, and how to correct them.

  1. Using too much concealer

If your skin is looking a little patchy, blotchy, or you’re just not happy with your complexion, it’s all too easy to load on the concealer and hope for the best. However, in your search for the perfect airbrushed look, you may be doing the opposite: highlighting your skin’s flaws. Concealer, when applied in the wrong colour or quantity, can accentuate the smallest wrinkles, while making you look substantially older than you are.

The solution: Use thin, liquid concealers with luminous particles. Your skin will look blemish-free, healthy, and natural.

  1. Using the wrong lipstick

Lipstick can highlight your entire look – from your outfit all the way down to your shoes. However, knowing the right colours to use can make all the difference. A common mistake people make is using a colour that doesn’t suit the shape of their lips. Dark lipsticks such as burgundy or red, for example, are less suitable for those who have thin or narrow lips. In fact, it can make them appear even thinner. Pale pinks, however, accentuate your lips – making them larger and more luscious.

The solution: If you have thin lips, use lighter colours, and steer clear of dark shades.

Exercises in Office

5 Exercises You Can Do at the Office

Americans spend, on average, 9.3 hours per day sitting. They then follow this up with approximately eight hours of sleep. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the average American spends 16.3 hours sitting or lying completely still, without any form of physical activity. If you’re paid to sit down and work at a computer, then that’s still no excuse for not being active. Did you know you can exercise in the office? We’ve included five popular office exercises you can do at work below.


There is no denying lunging your way to the break room is going to be a funny sight to see, but if it benefits your body, don’t be afraid to try it. Lunges can be carried out at your desk when you take a micro break, or as you head to the printer, the breakroom, or even the water cooler. Just put one leg in front of the other and lower your back leg toward the ground. Try doing this for ten times each leg a few times a day. You’ll have strong legs in no time.

Glute Squeezes

Glute squeezes is a form of exercise that won’t get you funny stares, because no one will see it. As you sit at your desk carrying out your work tasks for the day, squeeze each glute muscle and hold the squeeze in place for up to 30 seconds. Alternate between each side and try do it at least ten times each. It’s a discrete form of exercise that is sure to be beneficial for your muscles.

Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse and Addiction: What You Need to Know

Drug issues are one of the hardest problems to solve. Not only do they affect the physical, mental, and emotional health of the user, but their families as well. What’s even trickier about them is that you won’t realize the problem exists, not until they have become a lot worse.

The reason why this happens is because people misinterpret drug abuse and drug addiction, thinking that they’re the same. In fact, they have more differences than similarities, and knowing these help you avoid them and help other people who might have the same issues.

You don’t need to wait to get checked into a drug rehab to save yourself from drugs. You can protect yourself as early as now by learning what they really are!

Drug Addiction

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drug addiction is a disorder caused by a person’s physical and psychological dependence on using drugs. This happens because of the constant intoxication of the body. Through time, a drug addict feels the need to increase the dosage and continue taking the drug, despite its unfavorable effects on the body.

Workouts for People Over 50

Effective Workouts for People Over 50

As you age, minor or chronic health problems seem to occur more often than not. If you’re young at heart but your body is definitely telling you that you’re over 50, it’s time to consider adding exercise to your life, if you haven’t already.

Exercise for the aging body is hugely beneficial. It stops you from gaining weight, it keeps your muscles strong and your joints mobile, and it can even reduce your risk of heart problems or muscle and bone loss. However, not all exercises will work for you, especially if you’re already starting to feel the beginnings of aching joints and muscle loss. To get the most benefits, and to exercise in a safe environment, consider working with a trainer, consulting your doctor before proceeding, giving yourself more recovery time and not overdoing it.

When you’re ready for your effective workout, consider these options below. Reap the rewards of a happier, healthier you in no time.


Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises for everyone. It’s free, it can be performed anywhere, and it takes an hour or less to achieve. If you’re over 50, it’s essential for you to keep moving. If you’re not ready to launch into full-blown exercise classes with push-ups and sit-ups, consider a walk. It will keep your cardiovascular system healthy, all the while keeping your heart, bones, and muscles in good physical shape as well. A walk of between 20 minutes to an hour per day will do you a world of good.

Botox Injections

Checklist for Botox Injections

Botox injections are chosen by many people in an effort to look younger for longer and they work very well for this purpose, even though treatment must be ongoing.  Treatment is also used for several other medical problems such as excessive sweating, muscular dystrophy and migraines, to mention just a few.  Going overseas for treatment adds to the few risks that the treatment poses as medical standards in places such as Bali or Thailand are not as high as in Australia.

These beautiful countries are well worth visiting for a holiday, especially one that is truly affordable, but care should be taken with your decision of where to have your Botox treatment. If you’ve never had treatment before, here is a checklist to help you sort out the things to do

  • Choose an experienced and qualified practitioner. This should be a cosmetic surgeon who will actually do the work on you rather than just supervising someone else who does it. You can research online to find a good clinic and also ask your GP and friends who they would advise.
  • Make sure you have a consultation before having the injections done. Ask them to outline your treatment plan, how much Botox it will take and the total cost. Find out how many times you’ll need treatment and how long each one is expected to last.
Celebrations In Bali

Must See Festivals And Celebrations In Bali In 2018

Bali is an extremely energetic, vibrant place with a strange mixture of western and south east Asian cultures. Unfortunately, if you stay in a luxury Bali villa like the many available for rent on websites like Luxury Villas Bali, you might not experience this culture very much. You will need to actively go out of your way to find cultural events and festivals.

In Bali, festivals and celebrations are held for all sorts of reasons. Some are across the island and last for a number of days, while others are more localised and only last for a few hours to a couple of days. If you really want to experience a bit of Balinese culture when you are on holidays, check out some of the following festivals and celebrations in 2018:

Nusa Dua Fiesta:

The Nusa Dua Fiesta is a relatively new festival that has been held every October or November since 1996. It is held in Nusa Dua every year, and is a celebration of art, culture, and sporting events. It is a wonderful place to visit, and you will be able to explore street markets, watch local performances, and even experience some live music. Since the Nusa Dua resort is usually not accessible to the public, this even is something that you definitely won’t want to miss, as it will give you an insight into the luxury peninsular.

The Bali Spirit Festival:

Held in Ubud in March every year, the Bali Spirit Festival focuses on spiritual, mental, and physical healing using a range of eastern techniques. This festival is a must see if you are into yoga and spiritual healing, as you will meet a whole lot of like minded people.

Kids Dentist

How Do I Get My Kids To Like The Dentist?

Visiting the dentist regularly should be a very important part of everyone’s life. However, it is even more important for children whose mouths and and teeth are continuously growing and developing. Although dentists are actually friendly people (usually), many children develop an irrational fear of visiting them.

If your child has a phobia of the dentist, you need to take some steps to make sure that they are able to overcome their fears. Sure, as a parent you could just force them to go, but this could lead to them having problems later in life due to a lack of dental care once they leave home.

Some of the best ways to get your kids to like the dentist include:

Show them that dentists aren’t actually monsters:

Rather than portraying your dentist as a horrible ogre who likes to put their fingers in little kids mouths, focus on showing them in a positive manner. Ask your dentist if they would consider taking your kids on a little tour of the clinic, showing them what the ‘scary’ tools are used for, and that they aren’t actually as bad as they look.

If you can show your kids that your dentist is actually a nice, friendly person, rather than someone to be scared of, they will be much more likely to visit willingly. If they are still a little bit nervous, mention it to your dentist and ask if they can be gentle and explain what they are doing to your child as they do it.