How To Ensure Your Carpets Are Not Health Hazards

Whilst many people will arrange for professional carpet cleaners to ensure that their carpets remain looking good for as long as possible, there are other essential reasons why carpet cleaning is so important. One of those reasons is to ensure that the carpets you and your family walk on each day do not present health hazards for each of you.

Now, some of you might think the only health hazards a carpet might present are carpet burns and excruciating pain if you do not wear footwear, you stand on something sharp lurking within the carpet’s fibers. As undesirable as those two are, and also pointing out that regular vacuuming will ensure the aforementioned sharp objects are removed, there are, in fact, numerous other health hazards that an unclean carpet can create.

These health hazards stem from the many undesirable nasties within carpets. That list includes but is not limited to bacteria, mold, pollen, dust mites, mildew, germs, and fleas. These, and the other microscopic unwelcome guests, can cause allergies, hay fever, respiratory problems, and, worst cases, infections. So, if you want to avoid any and all of these and thus ensure your carpets are not health hazards,  here is how to do so.

Clean Your Carpet Regularly

The most basic but nonetheless highly effective way to ensure your carpets do not become health hazards is to clean them regularly. Ideally, daily, but if not, at least three times a week, you should vacuum your carpets, which will remove much of the harmful debris that lurks in their fibers. Thereafter, having carpets regularly shampooed also ensures they are cleaner for longer and thus less attractive to the health hazards we have mentioned.

Dry Spills And Other Moisture Immediately

Whilst removing dry debris like dust and grit is helpful, there can also be moisture elements, including when something is spilled onto carpets, potentially increasing health risks. Many of the harmful nasties, such as mold and mildew, which can be very harmful to those with respiratory issues, thrive in damp environments, which is what a damp carpet is. As such, ensure any spillage, dampness, and moisture in your carpets is dried quickly.

Clean Upholstered Furniture Routinely

It might surprise you that much of the unhealthy matter found in carpets did not get there because someone walked across them. Much of what is within the fibers is there because it falls from other items in the room, and that especially applies to upholstered furniture. Given that the fabrics in furniture are as likely to attract dirt and germs as carpets, regularly cleaning your furniture, including vacuuming it, will reduce the amount of matter that falls onto the carpets.

Leave Outdoor Footwear At The Door Upon Entry

If you and your family walk across carpets in footwear that has been worn outdoors, then, unfortunately, you are adding to the problems of having carpets that could pose a health hazard. Even on dry days, there is a degree of dirt and dust on shoes that transfers to carpets when you come inside. This is magnified if footwear is wet or, worse, muddy. The solution is to insist everyone in your home takes their footwear off when they enter.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned By Professionals

The ultimate solution to eradicating the health risks that potentially exist within unclean carpets is to have them professionally cleaned. Whilst you can continue to do your bit by vacuuming daily, you can make your carpets even safer by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to shampoo your carpets regularly. Apart from doing the best job possible, they can also advise you on how to keep your carpets cleaner during each visit.