Why Effective Website Design Means Visitors Stay Longer On Your Psychology Business Website

Why Effective Website Design Means Visitors Stay Longer On Your Psychology Business Website

If your psychology business has a website, have you ever taken time to consider how well it is performing or if it is helping your business as much as it should. The reason these questions are important is that according to the expert web designers your Google ranking is highly influenced by how visitors interact with your website.

In addition, conversions on your website, which can include prospects leaving their details, them making a call to book an appointment, or them purchasing a product you sell, such as books and courses, will all be impacted by the design of your website.

One of the key measures which will affect all of the above, either positively or negatively, will be the length of time a visitor spends on your website. If they remain for a reasonable length of time, then that is good news, but, if they leave almost immediately, it is bad news and suggests that something is not right with your website’s design.

The first concern if visitors are leaving quickly is for your ranking on search engines, especially Google. One of Google’s key goals is to ensure that the search results they generate provide those searching with websites they are happy with. The term ‘user experience’ is often used by Google to identify this.

What happens is, when someone clicks through to one of the websites that appear on Google’s search results, Google tracks their activity. They will be checking to see whether that person remains on the site or clicks away immediately and if they do remain, for how long.

Google takes the view that if someone clicks away or ‘bounces’ to use the correct terminology, that is a red flag. In addition, if someone only remains on the site for less than a minute, it suggests to them that what was found was not relevant, or the content was poor. All these negatives tell Google that the website in question is not providing good user experiences, and the consequence of that is that they lower that website’s ranking.

Another negative is that if your website’s design is so poor that people leave quickly, they are not likely to make enquiries about your psychology services nor likely to leave any contact details. This severely limits the number of clients that your website is going to generate for you, and potentially means that you will need to increase your marketing budget significantly to compensate for this, with additional paid advertising being one example.

The point we are making is your website’s design has a major bearing on the financial performance of your psychology business, whether those effects are negative or positive. For those effects to be positive, it might mean your website needs a major overhaul, or you could decide to have a completely new website designed.

Either way, a professional website design agency, which will have experienced designers and programmers, can ensure that almost every user of your website has a positive experience. This will include elements that are visible and those which form the unseen coding of the website.

As such you will have visitors liking the appearance of your website, finding useful and interesting content, being able to navigate around the website with ease, and the website functioning well, with pages loading quickly, for example. All this means they remain on the site longer, which should lead to increased conversions, and when Google is assessing your website, they are more likely to increase your ranking.