Stop Making These Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistakes

No one becomes a makeup expert overnight, and there will be times when your makeup is not quite perfect. After all, we all start somewhere, right? However, it’s helpful to be aware of the “what not to dos” to help you perfect your makeup regime once and for all. Here are just five of the many makeup mistakes people make, and how to correct them.

  1. Using too much concealer

If your skin is looking a little patchy, blotchy, or you’re just not happy with your complexion, it’s all too easy to load on the concealer and hope for the best. However, in your search for the perfect airbrushed look, you may be doing the opposite: highlighting your skin’s flaws. Concealer, when applied in the wrong colour or quantity, can accentuate the smallest wrinkles, while making you look substantially older than you are.

The solution: Use thin, liquid concealers with luminous particles. Your skin will look blemish-free, healthy, and natural.

  1. Using the wrong lipstick

Lipstick can highlight your entire look – from your outfit all the way down to your shoes. However, knowing the right colours to use can make all the difference. A common mistake people make is using a colour that doesn’t suit the shape of their lips. Dark lipsticks such as burgundy or red, for example, are less suitable for those who have thin or narrow lips. In fact, it can make them appear even thinner. Pale pinks, however, accentuate your lips – making them larger and more luscious.

The solution: If you have thin lips, use lighter colours, and steer clear of dark shades.

  1. Too heavy on the eyeliner

Eyeliner can enhance your eyes, make them stand out, and even help them to appear larger. However, many people are too eager when it comes to lining their lower eyelids. Don’t be heavy-handed with eyeliner around this area as it can make your eyes appear narrow.

The solution: Don’t be so heavy-handed with your eyeliner. Instead, use a lighter pencil that’s a lighter shade of black.

  1. Too much powder

If your skin is oily or patchy, using powder is a sure-fire method of sorting the problem. However, it actually makes it worse if you use too much. Your wrinkles can be accentuated, your skin will appear flaky and dry, and it can show up any imperfections you initially set out to hide.

The solution: Use light mineral powder and use it sparingly. Try to avoid going near your eyes as powdering this area can accentuate undereye bags, dry skin, and wrinkles.

  1. Over-eager with the eyebrows

If you don’t believe your eyebrows are full enough, or they lack volume, it’s okay to use eyebrow liner to give them an extra boost. However, some people tend to go overboard, darkening and enlarging them to the point of looking unnatural and not cared for.

The solution: Use an eyebrow pencil that’s at least one shade lighter than your eyebrow colour. Doing so can accentuate your brows as naturally as possible.  

If you’re new to makeup application, the dos and don’ts can be overwhelming. However, there are many online makeup tutorials you can watch, and these five tips may just help you to avoid those common mistakes as well.