How to Handle Long-Haul Flights

Long Haul Flights

If you’ve been dreaming about white sandy beaches and your perfect villa in Bali, then it might be time to book those airline tickets and get packing. However, if there’s one thing that’s bound to evoke a few nerves in any traveller, it’s those long-haul flights. Not to worry, we’ve included a few fail-safe tips to help you handle that long-haul flight with ease.


While most airlines provide in-flight meals and snacks, there’s every possibility you’ll work up a hunger before that much-anticipated meal trolley makes its rounds. Therefore, carrying a few treats in your carry-on luggage could be the key to curbing those hunger pangs. Opt for packaged goods such as chips, biscuits, nuts, energy mixes and muesli bars that store easily and aren’t perishable. What’s more, taking snacks with you can save a significant amount of money if you find you have long waits between flights or you come up against delays and cancellations.

Travel Cushions

While staying in Bali villas is bound to be a luxurious and comfortable experience, sitting in an airline seat for hours on end may not be. Therefore, there’s no harm in carrying a travel cushion onboard to help you get as comfortable as possible. These cushions are typically made of a soft sponge or memory foam, and you can secure them around your neck. They are comfortable to sleep with and help to relieve neck pain that long-haul flights can often conjure.


No one likes to sit still for hours on end, even if dreaming about Bali villas can help to kill some time. Rather than sit bored in your seat – especially if you don’t have a window seat – remember to pack entertainment. Some flights now offer WiFi so you can take your electronic devices, but if not, you can download episodes of your favourite show in advance to kill a few hours. You may also like to download games on your tablets or mobile devices to play as well.

However, there’s also nothing wrong with reading a book. If you’re not one to use electronics on a regular basis, take a couple of books with you and settle in for the journey.


Long-haul flights can play havoc with your health, so being aware of the risks can put you one step ahead. Make sure you’re well-rested for your journey, for sleep can evade you quite easily on a plane, and drink plenty of fluids as well. While drinking water is a must, you may also like to bring a drink with electrolytes in it to keep you adequately hydrated.

What’s more, deep vein thrombosis is also a genuine risk – especially on flights longer than four hours. The National Institute of Health recommends keeping blood flow in your legs by walking up and down the plane’s aisles, stretching your legs, moving and flexing them, and wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

Your luxurious accommodation and restful holiday await, but you first need to make it through that long-haul flight. Take note of the advice above and benefit from a far more comfortable flying experience.