7 Risks To Your Health That Only Effective Carpet Cleaning Can Eradicate

At home there are actions you can take to ensure that you remain healthy such as eating the right foods and exercising, but have you ever considered that carpet cleaners might also help you maintain good health? What we are not talking about here is the physical effort required to use your vacuum cleaner, although we cannot deny that it will indeed help you burn off a few calories.

Instead, what we are referring to when we say that carpet cleaning can help you maintain good health is that it will remove many undesirables that all have several things in common, and one above all is that they can be harmful to your health. Add to that the fact they are also all minute and in some cases so small that they cannot be seen by the human eye, it then follows that many of these nasties will be in your carpets, and you will not even know they are there.

Whether visible or not, they most certainly are in your carpets, but the good news is you can get rid of them with effective carpet cleaning. As to what they are, we have summarised them under seven headings below so that you know that the next time you vacuum or hire a professional carpet cleaning company you know what health risks are being eradicated.


A tiny food crumb might not be something that immediately springs to mind when thinking about health hazards, but when it remains in your carpet fibres it certainly is. The reason for that is that crumbs provide sustenance for insects, food for mice, and attract bacteria all of which are most definitely listed under the label ‘health hazards’.

Pet Hair And Dander

Your pet might be your loyal, playful, and cuddly companion, however, it is also creating health risks within your carpet that need to be removed via carpet cleaning such as regular vacuuming. Specifically, we are talking about pet hairs and pet dander which can cause problems for those prone to allergies and also can trigger respiratory issues too.


Humans might dislike dust for several reasons, however, few of us realise that we are the source of most dust in our homes, and especially on carpets as much of it comes from millions of human skin cells which have died. As for the health issues caused by dust, there are several respiratory problems,  especially asthma.


Given the plethora of different insects that can potentially find themselves either taking up residence in your carpets or at best walking through them, the need to get rid of them and what they leave behind is pressing. Insect husks and faeces are prime examples of harmful debris that carpet cleaning can get rid of to reduce the health risks they cause.


Mould in carpets is more likely to happen when dampness or moisture is present. This can be a result of high humidity, but it also occurs when spillages have not been cleaned and then dried properly. Effective carpet cleaning ensures moisture is removed and carpets dried properly so that mould, which can irritate eyes and skin cannot thrive.


There is a long list of undesirables that can trigger allergies, and many of them are found in dirty carpets which have not been cleaned regularly. The solution is quite simple and that is to ensure that you arrange for your carpets to be cleaned regularly, and ideally by carpet cleaning professionals.

Bacteria And Germs

These arrive on carpets from every source imaginable such as footwear, pets, spillages, and food particles. As for the harm they do, that is almost limitless with infections, both external and internal to humans, amongst them, so the need to clean your carpets to rid them of germs and bacteria is paramount.