Checklist for Botox Injections

Botox Injections

Botox injections are chosen by many people in an effort to look younger for longer and they work very well for this purpose, even though treatment must be ongoing.  Treatment is also used for several other medical problems such as excessive sweating, muscular dystrophy and migraines, to mention just a few.  Going overseas for treatment adds to the few risks that the treatment poses as medical standards in places such as Bali or Thailand are not as high as in Australia.

These beautiful countries are well worth visiting for a holiday, especially one that is truly affordable, but care should be taken with your decision of where to have your Botox treatment. If you’ve never had treatment before, here is a checklist to help you sort out the things to do

  • Choose an experienced and qualified practitioner. This should be a cosmetic surgeon who will actually do the work on you rather than just supervising someone else who does it. You can research online to find a good clinic and also ask your GP and friends who they would advise.
  • Make sure you have a consultation before having the injections done. Ask them to outline your treatment plan, how much Botox it will take and the total cost. Find out how many times you’ll need treatment and how long each one is expected to last.

  • Remember that having Botox is an ongoing procedure because it doesn’t last all that long. You can probably get about 12 months out of each treatment, so it’s important to add up the ongoing cost.
  • Allow several days between the consultation and the appointment to have it done. This will give you time to think it over before getting the injections. If you have any questions make sure you ask the doctor beforehand.
  • Understand that injections in the face do cause some pain and that there might be swelling and bruising afterwards. However, the end result should be well worth it when you look at your face with fewer wrinkles.

Remember that jetting off overseas for a holiday and living in a strange place with people who often cannot understand your language actually causes stress in some people.  Adding the stress of having Botox injections into the mix is not a good thing. Not only will your holiday be spoiled, suffering stress can cause headaches and many other unpleasant things to happen to your body.

A holiday overseas should really be all about enjoyment, not the added stress of a medical procedure. When you have the procedure before or after the holiday overseas, you’ll find your body more able to handle the stress of it all and you are less likely to be affected  by headaches or any stress-related illness.