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About Us

Edmond Health is here to promote good health via the preventive maintenance approach. No gimmicks, no tricks and no quackery involved. Just eating right, moving your body and not engaging in obvious harmful habits such as: smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, downing unnecessary drugs and bungee jumping with a frayed rope.

We started Edmond Health because we knew that health and fitness was directly related to quality of life. It’s no secret that the healthy spend less money on medical care and less time away from their jobs. It’s not a stretch to realize that less time away from jobs equals more productivity. Employers would prefer to hire the healthy because it usually means less medical insurance costs for the group, more reliable work habits from the employees and thus more money in their pockets – or at least more money to spend on the business.

Today, too many people are suffering from diseases that can be eliminated or at least controlled through their own behavior. For example, just in New York, 800,000 people have Type 2 diabetes. This is a malady that is mainly preventable through moving your body more and eating the right foods. That means chocolate fried donuts, sugar covered sugar cubes and frosty glasses of gravy gobs should not be a part of your daily diet. In fact, if you are consuming any of that, then you really need to work on your nutrition schedule now.

“Being overweight or obese in middle age hikes a persons’ risk of severe heart and kidney problems later in life, even in people whose blood pressure in normal,” stated a January issue of Science News magazine. “Among people with no other heart-risk factors, obese people were four times as likely to be hospitalized for heart problems after age 65 as people of normal weight.”

To counteract some of these problems associated with eating incorrectly and not exercising, people have succumbed to what is known as the “easy pill syndrome.” Taking pills instead of altering your behavior can sometimes be worse than doing nothing.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a leading nutrition expert and neurosurgeon said that so many of these designer drugs like Lipotor, Mevacor, Pravachol, Zocor, etc. may also be dangerous to your health.

There’s a reason why so many comedians poke fun at these pill commercials. If you listen carefully, the side-effects of these drugs are horrible.

We, at Edmond Health Inc. are convinced it’s a lot cheaper and easier just to do what your grandmother told you: “Eat your vegetables then go outside and play.”

Well, that’s what Grandma told us, anyway.