7 Undesirables That May Be Lurking In Your Home’s Carpets and Couches

7 Undesirables That May Be Lurking In Your Home’s Carpets and Couches

There are many times when carpet cleaning takes place that you will be able to visibly see what difference it has made, which is also the case if, instead of cleaning carpets yourself, you hire a professional carpet cleaning company or couch cleaners to clean them for you. A prime example of this will be when an obvious stain, such as one created by red wine, is removed.

However, it is also the case that many of the benefits of carpet and couch cleaning are not so obvious. What we are referring to is the fact that many of the undesirables that are removed or eradicated each time your carpet/couches are cleaned properly are so small, that they are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, only a microscope would enable you to see them.

The problem this creates in many homes is that carpets are not cleaned regularly because the respective homeowners do not see any reason to clean them as they erroneously think the carpet is already clean. However, were they to be shown what was lurking within the fibres of their carpets, they would be speed dialling the nearest carpet cleaning experts within seconds. As to what those near-invisible undesirables might be, here are seven of the most common.

Undesirable #1 – Dust: The vast majority of the dust in your home is a result of the dead skin cells which are shed by you and your family. Considering that each person sheds up to 40,000 of these skin cells every hour, it can mean there are millions of dust particles within the fibres of your carpets.

Undesirable #2 – Insects: The aforementioned dust created by dead skin cells, which can be found in every home no matter how clean it is kept, will attract dust mites that feed on it. In addition, other insects, their faeces, and husks can also be trampled into the fibres of carpets and thus hidden from sight.

Undesirable #3 – Food Particles: If someone is eating cake or a biscuit and drops some crumbs, the larger of these crumbs will be visible and thus easy to remove from the surface of the carpet/couches. However, it is the case that in rooms where food is eaten, even if it is secret snacks in the bedroom, particles of that food can find their way into the carpets below. This can attract bacteria and tiny insects, not to mention mice, if they sense more food might be nearby.

Undesirable #4 – Bacteria: Research shows that, when people or pets walk around your home, over 90% of the bacteria on their footwear or paws can be transferred onto the carpets below. Some of these bacteria are especially unwelcome, such as those associated with pneumonia and E.coli and with carpets providing them with a perfect environment to multiply into entire bacterial colonies, you will understand why they are most certainly undesirable.

Undesirable #5 – Allergens: The allergies that individuals suffer from can be triggered by all sorts of things, and that includes what might exist in the carpet fibres throughout your home. It is estimated that, compared to hard flooring, carpets can contain 100 times more allergens so you will appreciate the need to minimise them through regular carpet cleaning.

Undesirable #6 – Pet Hair: All pets with hair shed which means if you have a dog, cat, hamster, guinea pig, or even a rabbit that you allow to run around your home, much of the hair that they lose will be entwined in the carpet fibres. The risk is to those with allergies or who suffer from specific respiratory conditions which can be triggered by pet hair.

Undesirable #7 – Mould: If where you live has a humid climate for prolonged periods, mould can become an issue. If so, carpets and couches provide the perfect environment for mould to grow and develop deep within their fibres. Given that mould usually has no obvious smell it can often go unnoticed, which is why regular ccleaning is necessary to remove this hidden undesirable.