Ways to Know Your Spouse Needs Rehab 

Spouse Needs Rehab

Living with someone with a drug addiction can put you in a better position to establish that they might need to go into drug rehab. In saying that, living with someone doesn’t mean it’s easier to spot that they have an addiction.

Addicts can be the masters of hiding their problems, and that’s why it’s essential to be aware of any signs of drug or alcohol problems that can require intervention. Based on advice from www.sivanarehab.com.au, read on to find out ways to know your loved one might need drug rehab.

They Are Trying to Hide their Addiction

The last thing your spouse wants to do is hurt you, so hiding addiction is a classic sign that they might require a rehab facility – or at least some professional help. You may notice bottles of alcohol hidden around the house or multiple prescription bottles from various doctors.

Some people also noted that their loved ones would come home smelling like alcohol, only for them to deny having had anything to drink. Those with drug problems can hide an addiction successfully, so it pays to look for signs if you suspect a problem.

They Aren’t Themselves

When you enter into a relationship with your spouse, you fall in love with who they are. Are they still the same person? Substance abuse can change people and not for the better. You may notice that they don’t spend as much time with their friends and family and may even drop their hobbies.

Addiction can even cause people to associate with others they may not usually have, which can be an alarm bell for spouses.

They Are Spending a Lot of Money

Initially, drug addiction doesn’t always cost a lot of money. But as your spouse builds up more tolerance, they require more and more of their drug of choice to experience the same effects. That comes at a price. Pay attention to your finances, and notice any significant money withdrawals.

Some people with substance abuse issues will also turn to stealing or borrowing, which is a sure sign that they have a severe problem.

They Have Withdrawal Symptoms

Not being able to access alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and similar can result in withdrawal symptoms. Being aware of these can help you identify if a drug rehab facility could be on the cards. Look for signs of insomnia, diarrhoea, shaking, tremors, sweating, nausea, and vomiting.

Some common drugs can cause these side effects without indicating a drug problem, but they are certainly more consistent with addiction than not at all.

They Are Showing Signs of Substance Abuse

The physical signs you notice in your spouse can depend on the type of drug. Some of the more popular ones can include weight loss, a smoker’s cough, extended periods of sleep, excessive energy, twitching, dilated or pinpoint pupils, drug injection scars, nose bleeds, and flushed skin, to name a few.

 If you are not familiar with substance abuse signs, then it’s not as easy as you might think to realise your spouse has a problem. However, if you notice more than one of these signs above, it’s time to seek help. A drug rehab facility might be the best option to save a life.