How Do I Get My Kids To Like The Dentist?

Kids Dentist

Visiting the dentist regularly should be a very important part of everyone’s life. However, it is even more important for children whose mouths and and teeth are continuously growing and developing. Although dentists are actually friendly people (usually), many children develop an irrational fear of visiting them.

If your child has a phobia of the dentist, you need to take some steps to make sure that they are able to overcome their fears. Sure, as a parent you could just force them to go, but this could lead to them having problems later in life due to a lack of dental care once they leave home.

Some of the best ways to get your kids to like the dentist include:

Show them that dentists aren’t actually monsters:

Rather than portraying your dentist as a horrible ogre who likes to put their fingers in little kids mouths, focus on showing them in a positive manner. Ask your dentist if they would consider taking your kids on a little tour of the clinic, showing them what the ‘scary’ tools are used for, and that they aren’t actually as bad as they look.

If you can show your kids that your dentist is actually a nice, friendly person, rather than someone to be scared of, they will be much more likely to visit willingly. If they are still a little bit nervous, mention it to your dentist and ask if they can be gentle and explain what they are doing to your child as they do it.

Treat them afterwards:

Although many parents will be tempted to take their kids to a fast food restaurant or give them sugary treats after going to the dentist, you shouldn’t. Doing so would defeat the purpose of visiting a dentist in the first place.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a treat after their appointment. Focus on giving them something healthy, or on a non-food treat. If they like a specific fruit, then buy them this to eat after the dentist. Alternatively, take them to buy a new toy or book as a reward for being good. If you can turn going to the dentist into a positive experience, your children will be much more likely to return willingly in the future.

Talk about the dentist as an exciting experience, rather than a scary one:

Although you may not admit it to your children, a lot of parents don’t actually like going to the dentist themselves. However, it is important that you keep your feelings to yourself, at least when you are around your kids. Failing to do so can cause them to see the dentist in a negative manner, even before they make their first visit.

Instead, try and turn it into something exciting to look forwards to. Talk about the dentist positively, and try and make your child excited about their visit, rather than scared. If you can remove their fear at a young age, dental visits will remain easy throughout your kid’s childhood!