Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

DJ hire

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, if not the best of all.  You want everything to be perfect and for all the different components from the ceremony to the reception to go off without a hitch. DJ hire for the reception can help to accomplish this. There are many advantages to having a dj; here are some of them.

    • Variety in the music. While you may have considered having a band, the dj will have a much wider selection in music to play at your reception. No band can play everything; they mostly stick to a few selections they can play well – and maybe some they can’t – and leave it at that. Even 20 songs might be as much as they know. The dj is likely to have hundreds to choose from.
    • The dj acts as Master of Ceremonies, making the announcements that tell everyone what is about to happen. He can ensure the whole reception goes off without any awkward moments and that everything happens on time.

  • Different music genres. Usually, a band only plays one genre and becomes known for their skill in that area. A dj plays many different genres and can read the crowd so he knows what the play when and which songs are the favourites of most people. He can switch between genres, so that everyone gets a taste of their favourite music.
  • Non-stop music. A band needs to take a break every hour, which can interrupt the swing of things, and it can be hard to get it going again; a dj can have music playing non-stop all night long so there is no break in the momentum.
  • A good dj actually provides entertainment with his often humorous commentary throughout the night. Often people are having so much fun that the work of the dj goes unnoticed, but it is he who sets the mood and the pace of the evening through what he says and through the music he plays. You’ll notice a big difference in a reception with no dj and one where an experienced dj takes control of the proceedings.
  • Bands may not be able to play requests, since they are limited to the songs they know and can play well. A DJ will be able to play almost every request, especially if you ask the guests to request a song on their reply to your invitation. This will give the dj time to make sure he has those songs on his list.

You can be sure that having an experienced dj at your wedding is something that will give you many advantages and ensure the reception goes off smoothly and maintains momentum throughout the night.