7 Top Tips For Designing A Tropical Themed Landscape Garden

If you are a homeowner thinking about hiring landscapers to transform your garden, you should know that you have lots of choices to make. Apart from choosing the landscaping business that you will employ to design and install your new landscaped garden, you also have decisions concerning what theme, and subsequently which plants and features you want to include.

You may have no ideas and are open to suggestions, or one of the many homeowners who already know that they want a tropical-themed garden. These are hugely popular, and with the climate most of Australia has, it is feasible to see a tropical landscaped garden become a reality adjacent to your home. Whether you have already, or may do so after giving the matter some thought, here are seven tips for designing a tropical-themed landscape garden.

Look For Existing Tropical-Themed Gardens: By doing some research with local landscapers you may ascertain where there are landscaped gardens in your area that have tropical themes. As such, reach out to the homeowners and ask if you might be allowed to visit them to look for some inspiration.

Have Plants On Three Levels: One of the key traits of tropical gardens is their lushness and thick foliage. To achieve this within a residential landscaped garden, you want to have your plants in three layers. For the upper canopy, you should consider trees, especially palm trees. For the middle layer, at around 1 -2 meters high, these tend to be perennials and shrubs. For the lower layer you want plants with plenty of leaves, and most importantly, masses of colour.

Use Editable Plants: You might be aware that tropical areas of the world are well-known for their huge variety of edible plants, and this is why you should consider some for your tropical garden. Depending on the climate where you live options can include ginger, makrut lime, mint, coriander, lemongrass, and cardamom.

Include A Pond Or Other Water Feature: To augment the tropical look and feel of your garden, if you have the space, then you should try to include a pond. Better still, if you can have a pond plus a fountain, even if it is a small one, the sound of running water as you sit with your eyes closed will be so relaxing. Also, water features allow for tropical plants such as water lilies and lotus plants.

Use Natural Paving: In a tropical-themed garden, the paving you use should not be square-shaped concrete slabs. Instead, use natural materials. Between each stone either have gravel or miniature grasses such as mondo grass. An alternative is wooden decking which has been bleached or coloured to retain a natural appearance. If you want to add even more vibrancy to your tropical landscaped garden, you could paint some of the stones in different colours

Have Suitable Furniture: Your tropical garden will not benefit from boring, standard shaped furniture. Instead, you should be looking for garden furniture made from timber, cane, bamboo, or even stone. Do not paint them but instead leave them looking natural. Cushions and coverings should be awash with colour.

Get Expert Help From Landscapers: We perhaps should have placed this first as, by following this tip, the others we have mentioned should happen anyway. By getting expert advice from landscapers you not only benefit from their knowledge and experience, but they will have worked on other typical gardens which helps them give you further ideas for what to include.