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Protein is not the be all to end all that lots of athletes may think. Learn about the realities of eating protein if you or your child is an athlete. Sometimes you (or they) will scarf down protein drinks, bars and the like all in an effort to get more protein that isn't always necessary. Click here for the facts.
Say no to faux fiber. It seems everyone is on some sort of a diet – eat grapefruits until you drop diet, the cookie diet, the stress diet, and my favorite, the Hershey Kisses diet. Instead of introducing you to another fun-filled fascinating fantasy, let’s get real. How about something different this time and something that will work more than a week or a month?
Eat before or after exercise, that is the question. Should I eat before I work-out?  Some say not eating burns more fat.  But, I’ve also heard it’s not good to exercise on an “empty tank.” Read it here.
Is the “Freshman 15” really true?  I’m starting college, and have heard that freshmen gain 15 pounds.  I hope it isn’t true, but some of my friends say it is.  Should I go on a diet? Read here for the answer.
You wake up every morning ready to face the day.  Each day brings you the promise of rolling out of bed to the rush of pain shooting through your body, and at times a numbing sensation that ripples in your joints.  After this subsides, you bounce through the day only to find that you are in dire need of a nap by lunchtime. The pain and fatigue are so wrenching that they alter the way you get through your day.  Indeed, living with arthritis isn’t something that anyone would look forward to doing....for more, click here. the run continued, I slowly started realizing that my surroundings had changed. The area I was running in was quite run down. I then noticed that in the middle of the afternoon an incredibly large amount of people were just milling around the sidewalks.  Then amazingly I lived a TV sitcom moment.  I witnessed a car pull up to the curb, a young man walk over to the car, and a quick exchange of money and a small package.  Now I am not the most “street credible” person around -- after all, I am from Oklahoma and I am not sure we even know what “street cred” is!  However, I realized I had just witnessed a drug deal. Click here to read more


I’ve had it! No wonder people don’t pay attention to health reports!  Thirty minutes of exercise used to be enough. Now it’s an hour.  I’ve even heard that we should be exercising 90 minutes a day?  What gives?  Working out and eating celery 24/7 won’t pay the mortgage.  Doesn’t a half-hour help?  I admit it. I’m frustrated.  Do you think they’ve gone too far?  Do middle-aged women really have to exercise an hour a day to prevent weight gain? Read on here..... 


With the health care overhaul, the United States will join the rest of the industrialized democracies that universally insure their citizens.  So now that the richest country on earth has made the giant moral leap toward health care as a right, not a privilege, what next?